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Aerogel GT


Nanostructured Insulation the GTi Direct Way

The nanostructured aerogel mat is a pourous substance with exceptional thermal insulation properties, which result from the structure’s high quantity of pores containing air.

The air is locked in the siliceous frame to compose up to 99.8% of pore volume.

The porous structure is small enough to minimise the influence of the thermal radiation and convection. The structure of the siliceous frame makes the aerogel a solid body with low thermal conduction.

The insulator can be used in any place requiring thin material with exceptional parameters. Aerogel is available in rolls and panels.


  • Exceptionally low and unprecedented in insulation heat transfer coefficient in average temperature of 40C according to PN-EN 12667:2002.
  • Thin insulation material increases room in small spaces.
    Environment-friendly, does not create any chemical hazards to natural environment.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Exceptionally resistant to humidity - hydrophobic material.
  • Perfect for elimination of thermal bridges.
  • Small packed size and weight compared to other insulation materials reduces transport costs.
  • Durable tested material.
  • Easy to form.


Aerogel GT.1
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