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ECAP - External Wall Insulation

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An innovative external wall insulation system which can beat the British weather and save time and money has been launched in the UK.

The ECAP system from home insulation and safety specialists GTi Direct is set to more than halve the time it usually takes to externally insulate buildings of solid wall construction.

This pre-finished external insulation system gives instant defense against inclement weather and fire protection unlike more traditional methods that are at the mercy of the weather until coated and vulnerable to vandelism. It is also quicker and simpler to install than other systems.

The ECAP system, the first of its type, is a process of sheets of semi-finished polystyrene for an exterior thermal insulation composite system (ETICS). Each sheet is made with a layer of cement based coating and fibreglass mesh factory applied.

It is designed with the installer in mind because it does not need to be rasped on site and has pre-drilled anchor dowel sites to make installation easier.

Martin Clayton, Managing Director at Argyll-based GTi Direct, a Linthwaite Limited Company, said: “In the past with traditional systems there have been major problems caused by penetration of rain in unprotected insulation which can also be vulnerable to vandelism and spread of flame.

“We wanted to find a solution to overcome this issue and the ECAP system is a product that is much quicker to install providing a much better customer experience.

“ECAP is a product that is prepared in the factory. This means that when it arrives on site you are not at the mercy of the weather. This can signficantly improve installation time."

“Normally installation of the ECAP system can be completed in four to five days, far quicker than other systems that can take as long as nine days.”

He added: “The ECAP system is extensively used in Italy and other parts of Europe and now we are introducing it to the UK.”


The ECAP system comprises sheets of rigid insulation board to which a base coat cement render and mesh have been pre-applied in the factory prior to delivery to site. The resulting board provides a semi-finished EWI product that is quick to install, easy to handle and virtually unaffected by wet weather.


* Up to 60 % less application time compared to ’traditional’ EWI systems.
* Not susceptible to bad weather.
* Reduced costs for scaffold hire.


* ECAP is the only anti-vandal EWI system.
* Factory applied mesh and mortar allows for consistent quality every time!
* More installations completed in the same period.
* Competitive time advantage in tenders when competing with traditional EWI systems.
* Designed with the installer in mind.


* Instantly wind and water tight.
* No EPS ’snow-storm’ on site.
* Pre-drilled anchor dowel holes - no guess work!

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